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英光雪櫃冷凍工程公司於1952年成立,是一家源遠流長的冷凍設備公司。 多年來,英光以實力和專業經驗在製冷產業前進開發專業製冷設施。積極與全球優秀的供應商發展友好伙伴合作關係,關切及收集國內、外行業項目發展訊息,為行業作出貢獻。英光貫切供應安全,可靠,技術性,耐久,環境保護,節能,匹配,並且遵守經濟效率作為原則,從世界每個地方進口高質量製冷設備。


Ying Kwong company was founded in 1952. YK is a well-established refrigeration equipment factory. over the years, YK with strength and specialized experience in refrigeration industry advances develops professional refrigeration facilities. Concern and collection domestic, outside profession project development news, makes the contribution for the profession. YK supply the security, reliable, durable, the environmental protection, the energy saving, a matching, as well as conforms with the economic efficiency as a principle, from world each place import the high quality refrigeration equipment.

The YK business scope include commercial walk-in cold storage, refrigerator and supermarket showcase, the refrigeration control, the evaporator, the compressor, the kitchen stainless steel ware, project design, install, maintenance, repair.
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