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Ying Kwong Refrigeration & Airsystem Co

地址 Add: 香港中環鴨巴甸街11D地下
G/F., 11D Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong.

電話 Tel : 852 - 25411617;
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商用雪櫃及冷凍設備供應代理商廠 進口、生產、設計、承接、工程、超市冷凍櫃、壽司凍櫃、蛋糕陳列櫃、雪糕櫃、各式凍櫃、組合式冷庫、高低溫冷凍冷藏櫃、製冷系統設備、壓縮機組及冷凍配件銷售。

Commercial refrigerator and refrigeration plant supply business agent factory import, production, design, contract, project, supermarket cabinet freezer, sushi frozen cabinet, cake showcase, ice cream cabinet, various types frozen cabinet, combined cold storage, high low temperature freezing freezer, refrigeration system equipment, compression unit and freezing fitting sale.。
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